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Kyle had a problem figuring out when and where exactly he could surprise Keri while they were on trip to Austin.

He knew he wanted me to photograph the proposal but with the pressure of planning a trip without a rental car and hiding a ring the whole time, we pressed pause on booking.

Flash forward a couple weeks and Kyle texts me out of the blue asking if I was available THAT AFTERNOON because he wanted to finally propose and could I help figure out a spot that would be romantic and walkable from their downtown location. Whoosh. I’ve never booked and shot a session with 4 hours notice.

There was no time for a romantic sunset or a candlelit dinner for 2 with signs and flowers since this was now or never (I think the ring was burning a hole in his pocket). My mind sprung to the new Central Library. The weather was unfortunately cold, constant drizzle and basically completely unappealing for anywhere without covering or indoors. I knew there was a beautiful butterfly garden on the roof with views of downtown and what would be more romantic than taking in the views from there?

The hardest part was keeping it a secret from Keri and from the onlookers who had no idea I was trying to photograph this proposal at any minute and walked through my shot a couple times. That’s the hardest part of surprise proposals in public locations.

Note: If you’re like “yeah let’s do this thing” and you want to hire me for your proposal…I answer tons of questions about how to propose, what to expect, and more about what’s included with my services on my Austin Proposal Photographer page. Some locations like the library, will require advance booking with a photo session fee paid in advance as well.

surprise proposal at the central library in austin
Remember what I said about a total and complete surprise? But the beautiful blue hue of downtown sure makes me happy.
Downtown Austin proposal
Surprise proposal at the central library in Austin
black and white photo of a couple in causual wear about to kiss
engagement photos at the Central Library Austin
black and white photo of a couple who just got engaged
This photo feels romantic and otherworldly like we aren’t even on a planet!
a man and woman dressed in grey casual clothes smile at the camera after getting engaged at the central library in Austin
I always make sure to grab one “smile for the camera” shots for the moms to print

Ultimately, the photos ended up gorgeous and I’m so glad I finally got to photograph a session at the downtown Library. Now if I can get a wedding there next, I’d be extra happy.