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Morgan & Megan’s surprise proposal at an Airbnb was one of my first shoots back from the COVID lockdown this spring. We decided on an Airbnb instead of a public location because we knew it would be safe, private, get great views and have plenty of room to hide in order to be sneaky & not tip Morgan off to the surprise. Critical choice at the time when there was so much unknown about COVID. We set up the location the morning of and I arrived just in the nick of time to capture the moment! I’m so happy Morgan said yes!

It felt great to get out there and be able to do what I love best – capturing the excitement and joy that proposals bring. This one was super special – thanks to a quick walk through and then Megan’s planning and decor set up.

How they met: (from Megan)

“We met in Tyler, Texas when she was a bartender at Torchy’s – I was there having a few drinks with some friends – she caught my eye and it’s like we were instantly drawn to each other. We talked a bit throughout the night, kept catching each other look at the other and quickly looking away, you know, the whole thing. When I opened my tab to pay, she had left her number on my receipt (something completely out of character for her and we talk about to this day). We’ve been together and inseparable ever since, this December will be 4 years!”

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I coached Megan on where to set up the blanket and candles and exactly how to stand so I could frame the shot just right in order to capture Morgan’s reaction.
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I think she was surprised :)
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a same sex couple snuggles up for some portraits after their Austin proposal
After the tears have semi-stopped flowing and the champagne has just started, I spend maybe 10 minutes taking a few portraits to mark the occasion.
A gratuitous ring shot to celebrate
two newly engaged persons snuggle up on a step for engagement photos.
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Cheers to Morgan & Megan! I hope this year is everything you’ve dreamed of your future looking like. Love you!

 If you’re reading this and feel like “yeah let’s do this thing!” hiring me for your proposal sounds good…I answer tons of questions about how to get the best proposal photos, what to expect working with me, and more on my Austin Proposal Photographer page. Most weekdays are available with enough notice. Saturdays and Sundays require at least 14 days’ notice.