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Congratulations on your engagement! This is such an exciting time for you and I’m so happy for you both. We’re going to have a great time taking a lot of photos!  In Central Texas, spring is the shortest season yet best time for taking engagement photos. Longer days and later sunsets mean we can linger more casually during our session. Popular locations are parks, nature centers and botanical gardens where we can take full advantage of the blooms

First let’s go over some basics.

What NOT to wear to your spring engagement photos or any photos for that matter.

  • Neon colors because they will color cast onto your faces.
  • Top-to-bottom dark colors because it doesn’t usually show detail well in photos.
  • Clothes and shoes that restrict your movement.
  • We’ll be walking and sitting in places all over so you’ll want to be able to feel comfortable!
  • Don’t be matchy-matchy. It’s not 1998. Avoid wearing the same colors and instead, pick a color or palate you love and do coordinating pieces that way.
Austin spring engagement session outfit tips

What to wear to spring engagement sessions

  • we’re looking forward to: scores of bluebonnets and other wildflowers that decorate swaths of fields, redbud trees in bloom, cool breezes and warm sunshine.
  • fun prop and activity ideas: picnic basket and rosé in the park, vintage convertible rides, frolicking in the wildflowers, riding bikes, and getting ice cream afterward.
  • what kind of color palette: lavender, blush pink, coral, cream, light greens, slate blue or chambray. Delicate flower patterns. Charcoal or soft grey instead of black.
  • shoes: generally speaking, closed-toe shoes for guys – sneakers, boots, or dress shoes depending on location. For women, if you feel like dressing up, cute sandals with block heels are usually better at traversing through the parks than regular heels.
  • Rent the Runway and Nuuly are also great options for borrowing something unique for your session without the lifetime commitment of ownership!

brushy creek lake park golden hour spring engagement photos with a snuggly couple
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engagement photographs on south congress avenue in austin texas

Let’s talk about personal style and how that can show up in your engagement photos!

  • If you like that clean and classic, traditional spring look, I recommend crisp cotton, denim and staple accessories.
  • You can also dress it up into a more vibrant spring look with spring print maxi dresses, chiffon blouses, tulle and voile skirts, or Georgette fabric dresses (for that billowing-in-the-wind look). 
  • More of the jeans and sneakers type? Just make sure they are (unintentionally) hole free and fit well.
  • Whatever style you decide, just remember to coordinate so both people have the same level of formality. Relax and lean into to expressing your personalities!

Things to bring and things to leave at home or in the car

  • The big purse with everything in it
  • Emotional support water bottle for post-session refreshment
  • Hairbrush/comb for windy session touchups

Post-Session: What can I do with all these great photos?

  • Use them for your Save the Dates (duh)
  • Frame them for a gallery wall at home.
  • 8x10s & larger are great for the welcome table at your wedding.
  • Wedding guestbooks featuring all the photos from your session are a great and easy option – just ask your photographer for their suggestions.