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My alarm goes off at 6:00 am, a time I rarely ever see. I’m not a morning person but today is different because I get to photograph Danny’s Austin proposal on Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake). I crouch on a nearby dock about 6 feet away and pretend to be photographing kayakers, the sunrise, crew team practice.. anything to look busy because my clients will arrive in about 15 minutes.

Minutes tick by, the sun starts to climb higher, and the city comes alive for a busy 4th of July holiday. I start to get nervous. I stick out like a sore thumb! Everyone is in workout gear and I’m still just crouching on the dock, afraid to move a foot from my spot just in case.

Finally my phone dings, and it’s a message from Danny. A bit of a stomach bug kept them up late but they’re awake and are on their way in 10 minutes. I’m almost wishing I had a tracker on their location, but I kept scanning the area and quickly spotted them on bikes headed towards me. Renting bikes from their hotel were Danny’s idea – an easy sell – as bike riding was something they did together as a couple.

I had coached Danny via countless emails to walk slow, letting Kate enjoy the view before saying some sweet words and dropping to one knee. Danny nailed it, taking his time before asking Kate that all important question. Taking a moment to breathe, or say a few sentences garners more of a reaction on your lady’s face.

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Caitlin McWeeney Photography is a warm, organic, colorful Austin wedding photographer who’s focus is to provide natural, lifestyle wedding photography. Her idea client is creative, often thinking outside the box, not afraid of bright colors, are contemporary and modern but with a classy theme.

Her couples love to have fun, loud, gatherings and are happy to welcome just their closest family and friends to their wedding celebration.

If you’re still reading this, get in touch with me for your Austin, Texas wedding!