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As fall approaches and the wedding season here in Austin starts to pick up, I look back on the summer we just had and I thank my lucky stars that it was as mild as it was. 2011’s summer weather was just too hot. I’m looking forward to crisp nights and boots and sweater weather in the upcoming weeks. Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m ready to start watching Elf marathons on TV!

I just adored photographing this summer wedding at the Barr Mansion. The groom, a guitar player, had a beautiful custom tie clip and the couple chose an actual guitar to sign as their guestbook. The appetizers and food chosen by the couple and catered by the in-house team at the Mansion was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten better at a wedding before! All these special quirks and unique twists each one puts on their wedding day is my favorite part about my job. Of course a beautiful venue like the Barr Mansion and adorable, totally in love couples don’t hurt either!

 Second Shot for Rebekah Palmer with music by Greenbelt DJ, catering by Barr Mansion.


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