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Austin Elopement Venues

How to choose the best venue for your small and intimate wedding in Central Texas

Tips for planning an intimate wedding in the Austin area.

The Austin and Hill Country area is rife with wedding venues but what if your guest count is under 90? Under 20? When you’re not having a big wedding, what is the perfect venue?

Consider this is your natural-light loving photographer’s guide to choosing the perfect intimate wedding venue in Austin.

You’re looking for the Goldilocks of Austin elopement venues. You don’t want a place that’s too big, making you feel like no one showed up to your party, or a place that’s too small and lacking a variety of photo opportunities.

It’s gotta be just the right amount of space and most importantly – it has to fit your vibe. Are you more about crusty old buildings or are you hoping to spread out a little and enjoy the Hill Country views?

Thankfully you have the option for either or both for your Austin Elopement or Microwedding.

Austin Small and Intimate Wedding Venues

Hill Country Venues with views

I feel like I need to put a caveat here.

Austin has a ton of venues with sweeping panoramic Hill Country views but most of them either aren’t set up for an actual wedding, or are too big to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth out of the space.

There are tons of tiny, older, more generic summer camps which can be great for the outdoorsy couple, but not having access to power for music, lights, room for your caterer… etc. It can be a problem.

Additionally, when choosing an all-outdoor venue you need to think about the weather and time of year you’re having your wedding. Fall & Spring are the most popular because of moderate weather but they might come at a higher price on the weekends because it’s considered “peak season” in Central Texas. Also what if it rains? How will you plan for that?

Here are my dream intimate wedding venues in Austin including some inside the city:

Lucky Arrow Retreat (pictured below)

lucky arrow retreat wedding photos, lucky arrow retreat wedding, hill country wedding ceremony, lucky arrow retreat elopement
Lucky Arrow Retreat is just 30 minutes from south Austin in Dripping Springs. It’s great for guest counts of under 80 (maybe 100 max) and works like a summer camp style venue with all your guests able to stay the night on the property with you. The Overlook is a beautiful ceremony site and the event center room is a great place for an indoor air conditioned reception.
bride  with brown hair and wearing a white boho gown shares a first kiss  at their wedding ceremony overlooking the Austin hill country, lucky arrow retreat

South Congress Hotel

Having shot a half dozen weddings in downtown Austin at numerous hotels, I have to say South Congress Hotel is my favorite. I love the light that streams in through the lobby, the energy of South Congress for your portraits, and the minimal Marfa-esq theme inside makes for great portraits.

These types of locations are more about having it all in one place rather than ceremony & reception in different locations. You can show up and get married wham bam!

Downtown & historic buildings

Allan House wedding, first look pictures
Allan House is a FANTASTIC venue in the middle of the city. Gorgeous historic building and beautiful picture locations everywhere.

Wildflower Center

Growing up, I was surrounded by native Texas plants and buildings that worked WITH the landscape and weather of Central Texas, rather than against it. The Wildflower Center exemplifies that and is one of my favorite venues in Austin. There are endless backdrop opportunities in all seasons and the opportunity for al fresco dining is easily achieved here!

The Wildflower Center is one of my favorite fall and spring venues in Central Austin.

Laguna Gloria

An old Italian Villa perched high on the hill, Laguna Gloria feels like an oasis in the middle of the city. Perfect venue for large or small with all kinds of classic garden party inspo.

Rustic Hill Country

Of course these are just my favorite selections of the wedding venues in Austin that can hold your intimate wedding. Whether it was time related, or you’re just not that into spending all that money planning a party for 200 people, there are many options for an intimate wedding in Austin.

I know that planning a wedding can be stressful but if you’re thinking about skipping it in favor of a super small wedding or elopement and are ready to book an Austin intimate wedding and elopement photographer – contact me using the form below and tell me all about your plans!

Intimate wedding photography pricing available for weekday *Monday-Thursday* events.

Email me and let’s talk about your day! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Shoot me a message through this contact form and let’s begin the discovery process! I hope to hear from all of you, no matter your wedding size. xo