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For all the weddings I’ve been to, I still see the traditional lined guestbook where people sign their names and move along to other wedding activities. It’s never made sense to me because who wants a book of signatures unless you’re 5 and at Disney World? So, I offer this bad-ass custom guestbook featuring photos from your engagement session for all my clients. It’s got layflat matte pages that are designed with a ton of white space so your guests can offer words of encouragement and congratulations and your little cousin can scribble her name hilariously bad so you’ll be able to look back and laugh as she gets older. Your guests will love the engagement photos sample and you will love the stylish book that highlights your awesome photos and personalities. Go on with your bad self.

layflat hinged guestbook, whcc guestbook


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This book is included in my top package, and available as an add-on for all my other 2014 and 2015 clients. Are you dying to have one? Do you have any questions about how you can get one of these? Go ahead and ask away over here and I’ll be happy to tell you!   xo