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A few months ago, I made friends with someone who was a photographer. Not a wedding photographer, not a student, someone completely different. It was nice to meet a person who finally spoke the same language of light and composition (and brand of film!) that I did. The only difference? This person shot film. Exclusively. Anything and everything that was photographed was in black and white. Teaching yourself to think in shadows and patterns and simple subject matter composition for black and white is somewhat difficult, but I was ready to re-tackle it and get back to the heart of photography and why I love it. This blog post is a sampling of some personal film shots I’ve taken since being inspired by this person. Out of a whole roll of 36 exposures, I found 3 that I felt were worthy of sharing. It really makes you step back and think about how many shots you take digitally and making more of them count.

All photographs shot with a Nikon FM2 and Kodak Tri-X 400, scanned and edited by me.