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How do I begin to describe what visiting the high desert of  Texas is like? I’m sure by now everyone knows ~Marfa~ for the Prada store, Beyonce visiting and the intriguing art scene. But the desert, the desert is the biggest part of it and to take that 7 hour drive (from north Austin) you really get to know yourself (and your car pal).

Miles upon miles of wilderness, open land for your mind to just wonder about how you’d make it to the nearest grocery store (like how do you Amazon Prime to a non-existent address?) and wander across the scrubby mountains taking in all the landscape for what it offers.

In October, my friend and fellow wedding photographer Elissa R asked me to be her road trip buddy to a wedding she had to photograph. Since I wasn’t the hired photographer, I decided to do a technical challenge and photograph my trip using only my iPhone 6s and a Holga. A Holga is a toy film camera that is famous for creating light leaks and low-fi, dreamy slightly blurry square photos. You basically have rudimentary exposure settings  (sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, single person and group of people) and no way of knowing if it’ll turn out so you kinda just guess and hope for the best.

My particular camera has a huge chunky light leak area that I haven’t quite figured out where I need to tape it better so you’ll see the same white blob in all the photographs. Sorry.

I decided to make this a black and white only post and save some of the color, iPhone shots for a different day. Something about the format/aspect ratio all being the same make my visual planning self happy. Enjoy.

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The cool thing about a manual advance camera is trying double exposures (meaning you shoot two photos on one shot/frame). Above and below were what I call “great idea in theory — somehow not working out in practice”   prada marfa portraits in black and white with a bohemian bride Holga wedding portraits outside prada marfa in west texas