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Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk Proposal

Y’all – photographing proposals is NOT easy. Especially at a public place like the Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk.

For Nicola & Adriana, we needed to nail a specific location (“somewhere on the boardwalk” is really vague) pre-scout this location to make sure it was still good, draw up a diagram using Google Maps and THEN hike 2 miles from my car just to get to the good spot.

For every proposal, I don’t just show up and take pretty photos. I’m guiding you from the first email all the way through the last and final delivery. I tell you where to go, when to show up, and what to say to get your partner in the right spot.

lady bird lake proposal photographs, boardwalk proposal photographer
I drew Nicola a really clever stick figure drawing of exacltly how he should propose. This is so we’re all on the same page and I’m not in the wrong spot to capture the reaction!

Nicola and Adriana were originally scheduled for exactly at sunset, but because they ended up running late and the way the boardwalk is situated, we missed all the gorgeous Golden Hour.

austin proposal photos on the lady bird lake boardwalk
Austin proposals along the waterfront with the skyline in the background.

Situations like this are why I don’t offer “short packages” for proposals. Imagine trying to get dressed for dinner, ready and out the door and through rush hour traffic to get downtown before sunset. It just doesn’t happen. (Trust me, I’m a girl.)

austin proposal photographer for creative, colorful couples
Show off that “slightly too big” bling you just got!
colorful, romantic and natural looking engagement photos with the austin skyline in the background
black and white couples photos at the town lake boardwalk
I love the way the Austin skyline looks at night.
austin proposal photographs at night, blue hour silhouette of a couple in front of the austin skyline, sony a7iii
Sunset proposal photos on the lady bird lake boardwalk
The Boardwalk is such a great place for winter evening proposals. Just look at all those beautiful colors!