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It sounds cliche but college can be a confusing time in your life. You’re finally free of the lame rules back home and are able to start a new school with a clean slate. You’re taking the first step towards growing up and with that comes new wardrobe requirements. If you start now, as a senior, it won’t be so bad when you get into college and are faced with a five-by-two closet.

It’s amazing what the age of the internet provides today’s high school seniors and college freshman. There’s this amazing new app called Stylebook Closet. Long story short, they’re an app that lets you build an interface just like Cher had in Clueless. It also shows you what your most worn pieces are (even calculating the cost per wear!) and what day of the week you wore them to avoid any social faux pas within your circles.


(um we all dreamed this was real. Image thanks to the ladies at Brit & Co)

I discovered their amazing shopping checklist (no not the dorm stuff you really don’t need, but a real buildable wardrobe checklist) on Pinterest and while I could have spent hours pulling together my own fashion boards, I figured it would be easiest to share their work.







outfit board credit: Stylebook

I’ve always struggled with finding a fashion to call my own but with these guys’ ability to break it down so easily and clearly (not to mention the super sweet app they produced) I’m excited for fall fashions. Question for anyone, but mostly those in college: What do you think of this idea? Is it going to revolutionize outfit planning for you?