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If you can’t tell from the photos, Leann was a blast to photograph for her Texas State graduation photos in the quad.

In her initial email to me she describes herself as “… funny, quiet and really polite to new people, but once you get to know me I am really honest and fearless. Not afraid to take the bull by the horns if ya get my drift..” and boy was she a true character! One part Southern, one part Texan (the boots!)  and one part all around hilariously honest.

During our shoot, we cracked jokes and talked about her involvement in her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta at Texas State, being seniors, school spirit, the town of San Marcos, and just generally getting along. This is my favorite part about graduation portraits at Texas State.

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I told Leann to do a little dance for me here  and the next few photos are a result of that!
texas state university mitte building graduation pictures
graduation pictures of a girl at Texas State University

Whenever possible, while shooting graduation photos, I like to bust out some reaaaaally cheesy jokes to get some funny natural laugh faces out of the subject. These next few photos are a result of a terrrrrible joke that took Leann a split second to get before the cheesiness enveloped her.
senior girl laughing pose

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from the Engineering school at Texas State, Leann! You are smarter than a whip with all that fancy engineering schoolin’ and I think you will do great.