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Recently I’ve been assisting other photographers in order to keep my skill set sharp while I have a bit of down time in my own business. Since I’m not the primary photographer, my responsibilities are less, and often different than that of the lead.

For example, I won’t always be in the best spot for the kiss, nor will I be taking bride & groom photos, usually. (Sometimes I can sneak one or two but the angle won’t be my favorite.)

So here’s where this new thing I’m doing called Favorite Frame Friday, will come into play.  Welcome to the first iteration! I have so much more to share, but I’ll start with this one from a Fort Worth wedding at the T&P Station downtown.

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I love so many things about this photo. It’s fun shooting a “grand introduction” because it amps up the energy of a reception! Plus, reactions like this, right??

What got me first was K’s reaction, second, seeing J’s face as they walk into their wedding reception at the T&P Station in downtown Fort Worth. The lighting, the Art Deco decor, everything about this venue is amazing. K’s amazing energy kept up the entire night and if you can believe it, she ended up doing the worm in her wedding dress! Now that’s dedication!

If you’re looking for a creative, colorful, modern Fort Worth wedding photographer I’d love to hear what you’re planning. My favorite weddings are relaxed, laid back and have great food. Email me to check your date!