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my first time at magnolia market, visiting magnolia market for the first time, what to expect from visiting magnolia market in waco texas, fixer upper fans in texas, what my first experience visiting magnolia market was like, why you should visit magnolia market tooOn a recent trip through Austin, I had some time to kill and decided I would stop at the now-famous Magnolia Market Silos in downtown Waco. Normally, I avoid spending any amount of time in Waco as it’s never been good to me but coming off a recent Fixer Upper binge I felt compelled to see what the buzz was all about. 20160715magnolia_market_waco_04magnolia market opinion, is magnolia market worth it, magnolia market waco, waco photography, destination waco, visiting magnolia market worth itfrench country chic gift ideas at magnolia market in waco, should I visit magnolia market, hg tv photography, waco portrait photographers, waco documentary photography, documentary photography in texas, magnolia market worth visiting

The vibe of the place is welcoming and happy. The silos are magnanimous in real life, the crowds are milling about and if you go in the middle of the day (like I did) it’s mostly un-airconditioned. There’s a small shop up front where the registers are, and then the silos in the back where much of the merchandise is. There is so much to take in and with so many people shopping I had a hard time squeezing in to get photos of everything. The items are reasonably priced and are things you would be interested in buying if only to have the bragging rights to say you got it at Magnolia Market. inside the silos waco, visiting waco magnolia market, should i visit magnolia market20160715magnolia_market_waco_03 As a kid, Sunday mornings were spent at antique malls around Fort Worth treasure hunting or simply just browsing to see if there was anything good. What I noticed about Magnolia Market is Joanna seems to have taken individual pieces she finds at these places and has them mass-produced to sell at her shop. To be honest, I didn’t see anything I really needed and couldn’t find somewhere else. That being said though, I love the idea of everything sold here.details from magnolia market20160715magnolia_market_waco_05 20160715magnolia_market_waco_0720160715magnolia_market_waco_08my first time at magnolia market, what to expect from your visit to magnolia market, chip and joanna gaines fixer upper waco texas,   I understand what they’re doing. Chip and Joanna have built a brand, a style and an image with their show Fixer Upper. It’s absolutely genius and I love the kindness that was flowing from every shopper there. With the Magnolia Market and the silos, they’ve provided a casual place to hang out, drink coffee and become familiar with their brand.  With so many little tips written next to the items, you’ll start to wonder if you should pick something up to have on hand for gifting. In that alone, Magnolia Market is worth visiting.

Who knows, maybe after a few times you’ll want to buy that French rolling pin or a porcelain creamer to take as a hostess gift for your next housewarming party.

Has anyone had wedding photos taken with the market in the background? I think if you’re getting married in Waco it seems like a great portrait place once the sun sets. Have you been to the silos? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!