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Hello beautiful people! I’m so excited to meet and photograph you. I hope this guide helps when planning your session!

The months of May-September and even most of October will be warm in Texas.

If you’re wanting to pop in and out of A/C, pick a location in the city like South Congress and stop for some ice cream or choose a fancy hotel for sipping cocktails at a classy bar. 

Weekends are when the town gets busy so if you don’t feel like dodging zooming gangs of bachelor parties on scooters- Mondays or Tuesdays are the best since everyone is back to the daily grind slightly sunburned and hungover. Choose an off-peak time for best results.

When you live in a city that has over 200 days of sunlight a year, nice weather is almost a given. Epic sunsets are our specialty and if that’s something you’re searching for with your session, choose areas with open sky views. Grassy fields, hilltops, parking garages, and rooftops will get you close.

However, the chance of rain is possible in the Spring. I have a pair of cute clear umbrellas to keep you dry but if the weather is severe, we will need to reschedule.

a man and woman in a green dress pose for engagement photos in greenery
a heterosexual couple snuggles closely for their engagement photos in front of Stir Crazy on Magnolia Ave in Fort Worth


Getting to know my couples’ personalities and connecting with them is at the very core of my business. Whether you’re outgoing and loud or more reserved and shy – I’m here to make photos that represent YOU. Many of my past clients speak to how comfortable I made them, despite having never been photographed before. 


You’re in love, so act like it! When you’re walking, hold hands, kiss with Offer a hand up if you’re climbing something. I know you’re both totally independent people and probably don’t think about it when it’s just the two of you.  But trust me (and don’t be afraid when I shout GET CLOSER) hands show romance and a connection. Nothing is more awkward than a dangling hand or arm when you lean in for a kiss. Cuddle up and wrap into each other as if you were the only people in the world and enjoy the moment.


  • Clothing should be of the same formality – it’s hard to pair someone dressed in sneakers with someone in formal attire. Consider dressing up a little extra in whatever way is comfortable for you two. Think textures and layers.  
  • Since we’ll be walking around a bit, make sure to leave your big purse at home and maybe have just the essentials on you like makeup for touch ups and keys/phone which I can carry in my bag.
  • Don’t be matchy-matchy. It’s 2018 not 1998. Avoid wearing the exact same colors and instead, pick a color or pattern palate you love and do coordinating pieces that way. Fall tones like eggplant, evergreen or sage, mustard, grey and dark blue are all wonderful options, but you’re not limited to just these!  I use https://coolors.co/app to play with palettes. 
  • Avoid clothes that are uncomfortable and restrict movement. We’ll be walking and sitting in places all over so you’ll want to be able to move! Avoid those that  from that require fixing and fussing (like those jeans that just don’t stay up – me currently) and accidentally show too much cleavage or anything awkward the whole time.
  • Make sure your outfit highlights your best assets, and doesn’t make you feel like you’re showcasing something you don’t like. Again, layers or short sleeves sleeves instead of sleeveless.
  • Avoid solid white, teeny tiny stripes, neon or electric colors or all black everything. 
  • For a fun and different session, go all out and wear something super formal or something that reflects your personalities and interests.