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Spencer asked Abbey to be his partner for life at the Austin Boardwalk on Labor Day Weekend.

Spencer surreptitiously planned everything for his proposal for MONTHS. I’m talking… over 6 months to plan while navigating so many new things like graduating, a new job and generally “right time” things. How did Spencer keep it away from Abbey for so long? He had her rent a dress, telling Abbey it was for a new job happy hour, to booking me well in advance, and even going as far as faking a phone call in the Uber on the way to the boardwalk to keep Abbey from guessing. This Boardwalk proposal is one of the sweetest and most memorable I’ve photographed so far this year.

Scroll down to see the reasoning behind why Abbey was so suspicious about a surprise trip to the Austin boardwalk before a “work happy hour.”

austin surprise proposal photography

From Spencer on how they met:

“We met during the pandemic. It was the first weekend that restaurants and bars were open in Lafayette, Louisiana (where we are from.) I went out to visit with some friends and ran into a friend with a different group. She introduced me to Abbey and mentioned that they were all going back to her Dad’s house to hang out by the hot tub to end Abbey’s birthday celebration. My friends were about to leave anyway, so I tagged along. We sat by the hot tub and got to talking. Slowly, her friends started to leave and it was eventually just us. We continued talking by the pool until we saw the sun starting to rise… we talked until 6am! We both didn’t realize the time, and just how awesome that was. We decided to hang out the next day, and more than 2 years later, we are still choosing to hang out!”

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When he booked me in July, I asked if she was expecting this soon or not at all and Spencer said:

“She is expecting a proposal soon. She has been getting her nails done since April and she is constantly asking her friends (who fill me in because they are awesome) what they think will happen, how it will happen, when it will happen, and so on. I’ve had the ring since April and originally wanted to propose in June, but since I am moving to Austin, I chose to let the dust settle with the move before adding another major life change to the mix. She is already suspicious about Labor Day weekend… so I am doing my best to play defense about proposing, Labor Day weekend, the ring, or anything relating to an engagement.”

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Austin, Texas proposal photography
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candids after a surprise proposal in austin
both Spencer and Abbey’s Louisiana family drove in for the surprise reveal at the end of the proposal.
abbey's mom admires her daughter's engagement ring
Abbey, her mom and little sister admire her new ring after her proposal at the Boardwalk
friends celebrate engagement on the boardwalk
Spencer & Abbey and their Austin friends celebrating

Spencer purchased Abbey’s ring from Dianna Rae Jewelry in Lafayette, LA.