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I’ve met a lot of seniors over my 6 years of photographing them and because each one has been completely different I’ve created this list of 5 tips to rock your Austin graduation pictures.

1) DO NOT GET A SPRAY TAN. Do not apply self tanner. No changes to your skin tone in any way. Do not do this unless you want to make a huge headache for your photographer! :)

2) Get a manicure the day before. We’ll be doing a few poses with your hands in the shots and you want to make sure they look their best.

3) No new skin care routines! Now is not the time to experiment with that new facial peel you heard about on some influencer’s Instagram. Stick to your normal routine and try not to aggravate your skin.

4) Have layering options for your outfit to add interest. Like your favorite jean jacket or a floral kimono robe. Also try bringing accessories like earrings and bracelets for a “new look”

Finally, my favorite tip — 5) Bring a friend who knows you and can make you laugh! They’ll also be my extra set of eyes to catch fly away hairs, lipstick on the teeth and hold your bags while we focus on the shoot!

Still booking for 2018 seniors in Austin, San Antonio, College Station and Fort Worth! Reach out and book your date ASAP! Sessions are $400 + tax.




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