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4 location ideas for alternatives to a winery proposal

February 5, 2020

Be different. Propose at a brewery. Wineries are so 2017.

As a self-described craft beer nerd, I enjoy spending nice weekends visiting Austin’s many craft breweries. While most of them within the city have industrial locations and sparse decor, there are a handful in the Hill Country that I think are 100% proposal worthy.

Choosing a brewery, cider or distillery over say, a winery, can be more laid-back. There’s no-one pressuring you to spend money to join their private event club, the lighting is usually nicer, throngs of bachelorette parties won’t come crashing your event and more often there’s some sort of food truck or kitchen on site for food.

Vista Brewing in Driftwood

Located just outside the city, Vista offers 21 acres of beautiful Hill Country bliss.

Proposal location ideas:

Email ahead and ask for a guided tour of the farm. You’ll be transported away from the taproom and noise of a working brewpub and out to watch the sun set out in the fields. I’ll meet you out there ready with my camera. Sunset, fields, craft drinks, what could be more romantic?

There is an abundance of parking at the entrance but it is rocky, so watch yourself. Inside the large beautiful taproom they have community seating and a special offset room which make it easy to set up a surprise with family & friends after.

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Vista Brewing serves their beers in cute glasses like this one -making your proposal super stylish.

They are also available for private events for groups of 10 or more M-W.

Book a reservation for your proposal or just check out the map of the venue on their website, Fresh Air Fresh Beer.

Texas Keeper Cider

Okay so while technically not a brewery, their modern, dry cider is amazing. Located in South Austin in an old house next to a creek, this is a really sweet, chill spot for a breezy afternoon.

I could see a proposal out back on the deck with a few sweet pictures since that’s the most easily nameable spot. You could even have your friends be waiting outside with signs.

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This area is what I’m calling the “back patio” it’s framed by curved, evergreen Live Oak trees and is easily accessible just out the back door. Lead your partner out here, have the band play your song then drop to one knee for your proposal.
Texas Keeper Cider is such a cute, organic, natural space.

They have a small space indoors which you can rent for the surprise party after and have beautiful wildflowers decorating the tables in spring.

Website & hours

Real Ale Brewing

Real Ale is one of Central Texas’s oldest and most recognizable breweries. You like hops? They got you covered. Love a good porter? Their coffee porter is one of my favorites. I’ve never had a bad beer here and since their recent expansion of taproom, there’s lots of nooks to propose in! How cool would it be to be touring the place and be surprised with something to make her day?

My favorite locations are within the brewery itself, or along the raised walkway.

Check out their website for more info and pictures.

Alstadt Brewery

German-style beer at a castle in Fredericksburg? Bet you never thought you’d see that. Altstadt blends the latest in brewing technology with traditional German brewing practices, and as a result, produce world-class, locally brewed beers.


Something to keep in mind: these breweries can get absolutely insanely busy on holiday weekends and the nice Saturdays in Fall & Spring.

If you can, please, please consider an off-peak day like Thursday or Sunday.