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Austin Proposal Photography

You're finally ready to ask your partner the most exciting question of your relationship to date. You've chosen a ring, whether separate or together and you're prepared to embark on a new chapter of your lives together.

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Show your partner you really care with professional photos

Hiring a professional proposal photographer to capture the moment shows your commitment to the relationship. Professional photographs are the best way to show off your planning and dedication. Since I've photographed probably over a dozen proposals I consider myself somewhat of an expert, ready to help guide you in any direction.

How do I easily hire you to be the photographer?

First off - pick a date. Then, plan a special day just the two of you doing wonderful Austin-y adventures. Some ideas could be checking out the views from Mt. Bonnell, taking a bike around Town Lake, or catch some live music at the Continental Club and top it off with a special proposal at sunset with candles and flowers and where you've secretly hired a photographer to take candid photos. We'll spend a few minutes afterwards grabbing some romantic portraiture of the two of you so dress sharp!

How much time does it take?

Having photographed over a dozen of these, most proposals last around 1.5 hours. However, when you book with me, instead of putting a time limit on your day, I include what I call the "don't worry about it" guarantee. Meaning, if you get delayed, stuck in horrible traffic, or there's a long wait at the restaurant for brunch, I won't just leave you without a photographer.