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It’s been a long and hot summer and now that fall is somewhat here in Austin, it’s time to show off some more wedding work that I’ve been sitting on. I have been incredibly lucky enough to second shoot for some fantastic people this past year. So I decided to share with you all just a few of my favorites rather than making full blog posts out of them. Major props go to Elissa (elissarphotography.com) for being my number 1 go-to gal when it comes to second shooting. Thank you to everyone who has trusted me thus far. I look forward to 2012! The photographers in this post who were gracious enough to allow me to second shoot are:


1.) Sam at Sunny 16 Photography (https://www.sunny16photos.com/)

I was completely honored to shoot with Sam at this wedding. It was awesome to see how someone who produces such amazing photos actually works at a wedding. Sam is true talent and skill and the couple from this Inn at Wild Rose Hall wedding were so lucky to have him.



2.) Brittany Dawson Photography

My first time visiting LaGrange was seconding for Ms. Dawson (now Mrs. Kerr!). Super sweet down-home wedding with lots of fun people.


3.) My number one gal.. Elissa. This was from a crazy fun Hallowedding up in Plano on Halloween weekend! (Thus the Hallowedding.. get it??) This was the first time I had the opportunity to test out my posing of large bridal party groups since most of the weddings I second shoot are smaller with maybe 3 groomsmen and 4 bridesmaids. And of course, a Halloween wedding wouldn’t be complete without the B&G and the whole bridal party changing into zombie attire for a fully choreographed Thriller dance!

elissa r halloween wedding in plano


zombie thriller wedding dance practice

wedding party dances to thriller in zombie attire

And this is why I love being a second shooter. I went outside and found Jesus, a slice of pizza, and a Dallas Cowboy all hanging out together.


Of course, I will have more to show you guys in a month or so. Stay tuned for more wedding goodness!