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Graduation for Texas State is less than a month away. Who’s nervous? Don’t be! I’ve been in your place, and I’m here to offer a bit of photographic and just generally helpful advice :)


1.) Choose cute, but practical shoes and a dress you can breath in. You will be standing. Forever.

I know how tempting it is to buy those nude 5″ Steve Madden heels you’ve been eyeing and rationalizing the cost of wearing them to graduation and beyond (or so you say) but remember, most graduation ceremonies here in Texas are in fantastically (note: sarcasm) lit gymnasiums and more than likely you’ll have to walk down a flight of narrow, bleacher -ized stairs or two. Can you do that without looking down at your feet the whole time? Your family will be wanting to see your face as you proudly parade with 300 or so of your colleagues and after 4 (okay, 5..) years of managing to not completely bust on the Library stairs you won’t want to  ruin your record on the last day.

Also, you will probably be waiting for an hour at LEAST just waiting to line up before you walk out the doors and into the ceremony. Afterwards, Grandma’s gonna want a dozen photos together, so make sure they’re comfy!

image courtesy of Zappos. Oy your feet! (also: $100! double ouch!)

I encourage wearing a bright color! Color blocking is huge this spring anyways and with that black recycled plastic bottle graduation robe you’ll be wearing, a brightly colored shoe is a great way to stand out. Choose a heel that’s slightly lower as well as a bit chunky so sinking into the grass after won’t be as awful.

I can’t say enough good things about Gabriella Rocha. I bought a pair of her shoes for my graduation and they are SO CUTE and practical with a cute kitten heel as well! I get a number of compliments about them every time I wear them. :)

Gabriella Rocha Quilla: courtesy of Zappos //$59.00 for the hot pink, but the patent orange is on sale  for $44.99 and considering this year is the year of tangerine orange,  I say go for it!


And if you insist on wearing nude: the Gabriella Rocha Dancy is a great choice.  I love the red piping in these! And at a nice, don’t-break-the-bank price of $59.95

courtesy of Zappos

2.) River Jumping Tradition

If you go to Texas State, you know what these words mean. After we’ve crossed the stage, shook hands with Trauth,  received our diploma cover, and tossed our caps, it’s all over! Hooray you did it! Now it’s time to jump in the river, as per tradition. I know I didn’t do it and I regret it! . If you’re worried about makeup/hair/dress being ruined. Don’t be! This is a once in a life time opportunity and your hair and makeup can always be re-done for dinner. Some of my good friends jumped in and I was fortunate enough to get a photo with them afterwards. Fun memories!

texas state graduation spring 2011

3.) Cap Decorating

Arts and Crafts have always been one of my favorite things to do, as a kid and even more so now. Decorating my dorm was one of my most exciting things as a high school senior, and then as a college senior I looked forward to cap decorations! I knew I wanted to represent me and my interests and style.


This was mine! I was so proud. I still love it to this day.  Everything was purchased from the San Marcos Hobby Lobby and the best part is that it cost under $15! Save your wrist from hours of gluing rhinestones and purchase a large surface cover like ribbon or glitter.


4.) Makeup


Choose natural! I went with a neutral smokey eye and false eyelashes because I wanted to make sure my makeup showed up in photos. Sephora is a great place to get it done, or there are PLENTY of YouTube videos to show you how. All my makeup tutorials come from this makeup artist, Tanya Burr . She’s got a cute British accent and her tutorials are easy to follow. Not to mention she is a professional Makeup Artist!  If you’re doing it yourself, I highly suggest purchasing the  Too Faced Cosmetics, Natural Eye, Neutral Eye Shadow Collection, 0.39 Ounce over the  Urban Decay Naked Palette to do your eyes with.  It’s half the price, and has only the brown colors you need, vs the blues on the Naked. **Disclaimer** if you purchase either of those makeup kits through that link I receive a tiny, tiny profit off the sale. Barely anything, only 15%. Also, I wouldn’t recommend makeup I didn’t already know was quality  stuff.


5.) Dinner afterwards

Where are you going? :) I want to know! I went to Carino’s in San Marcos and I can’t speak highly enough of the service. Granted, I was a fairly small party but the service was impeccable and they were extremely professional about the whole deal. Be sure to let them know if you will be bringing a cake so they can plan accordingly. The bigger your group is, the earlier in advance you need to make reservations! Your wait staff and the managers will appreciate it. (tip appropriately, even with a large party gratuity.)

All of us at dinner:
That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you enjoyed my tips and if they were helpful, leave a comment and let me know!  If you’re interested in booking me to come take family portraits at your graduation, drop me a line via my contact form and I would be happy to discuss it further.

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