Heirloom Wedding Albums

If you’re like me, you love books and the historical quality that comes with them. This Heirloom Album encourages you to take pause and look back on a life well lived among family and friends. Think of your wedding album as your first investment together as a married couple. It’s something tangible to be handed down through generations, carefully poured over as the years pass.

Flip through the thick pages remembering each detail you missed during the blur of the day. Your photos are laid out in a clean, modern design with lots of white space. Just your shining faces, the moments and your memories.

I offer all couples the chance to upgrade their album to this one of a kind, heirloom album. Your wedding is worth it and I believe this investment will only increase over time. During our meeting, I will bring my samples so you can take a look with your partner together, in person.

They are offered with your choice of a beautiful fabric cover but leather and cameo upgrades are available. Signature albums start at $1500 for 15 spreads and a fabric cover. Many clients opt to purchase one with their initial investment in order to take advantage of the 15% savings on pre-purchased items.

We were originally just DONE paying for this wedding but as soon as we saw the photos I knew I had to have one. It’s so much more than we ever imagined.” Sarah & Ben