caitlin mcweeney photography
Hi, I'm Caitlin.

Austin wedding photographer for couples who love bright colors, laughing loudly, craft cocktails and are hella excited to get married.

I've always been into arts. I learned about light and lines by studying famous photographers, working on perfecting my storytelling skills wasting tons of disposable cameras as a kid. My parents realized this was something I loved and on my 16th birthday, gifted me my first camera, an old film Nikon just like theirs. I practiced with my new obsession by constantly photographing my friends every day at school.

After 8 years documenting weddings, I still feel that the best part about being a wedding photographer is each weekend I get the opportunity to be present for a single day in your life that cannot be re-created, an emotional turning point, a new chapter with loved ones. Weddings are a lot of work, and hiring a trusted and professional photographer to craft a visual story of your day is such an important decision.

On wedding days, I hustle my booty off, making sure photography is the most seamless part of the entire event. I put everything I have into making sure your day is covered without a moment missed. I strive to work from an organic, documentary perspective; being quietly present during important parts, as unobtrusive as possible, but always making time for natural, candid-style portraits of you + your love.

My clients love nature, value art, are slightly non-traditional and believe hiring a professional to do the job is highly important.



My favorite things are simple. Black and white stripes, photos of candid moments, midcentury modern furniture, Texas wildflower bouquets and a good evening of laughter and wine with friends on patios strung with Christmas lights.

On your wedding you can expect me to be working from an organic, documentary perspective. I'll be quietly respectful and unobtrusive during important parts, but happy to join in the dance floor shenanigans. You can expect I'll deliver unique, bright, colorful images for you to enjoy for the rest of your life.

No other vendor spends as much time with you before, during and after the wedding as your photographer will. Make sure she's the right one for you. Caitlin McWeeney Photography is proudly LGBTQ+ friendly and welcomes all.