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In a nondescript white office building you’ve probably passed a hundred times on your commute home, the clock ticked each minute loudly in the silent lobby. The rain continued coming down outside and it looked like no chance of it letting up.  Jade and Bill and I had just met at the gate to the Justice of the Peace and sighed at the weather, nervously awaiting the judge.

I loved this intimate downtown Austin elopement with just the 3 of us and no one else! I think these elopements, rain or shine might be my newest photography love. More couples should consider elopements as a simple way to already “be married” without having to add that extra stress on the wedding day. Think of this as the civil union part and the fun part is with the big ol’ party you can have anywhere after!

We kept it simple, sticking to one location for portraits and really having fun hanging out in the humid, cold afternoon! With all of downtown Austin at our disposal, we chose a covered, urban garage type location and made the best of the rain & weather.

If you could have a cute intimate anywhere in Austin where would you pick for your romantic elopement? The fun part about Austin and Texas is you can get married pretty much anywhere! I’m really digging these small elopement weddings so if you’re planning a shindig with just the two of you, or less than 20 people somewhere, get in touch and let me know!austin elopement photographer emotional austin elopement photographeraustin elopement photographer, rainy elopement photographs, rainy wedding in austin, candid elopement photography in austin tx austin elopement photographer, small wedding photographer, places to take rainy wedding portraits, austin elopement   mueller parking garage elopement portraits in the rain downtown austin rainy photo locations for elopements, modern austin elopement photographer, downtown austin elopement, elope in austin, intimate elopement austindowntown austin elopement photography, austin urban elopement, urban wedding portraits, downtown austin wedding photos,