Miss K is the last person to be featured from winning the embarrassing story contest. Miss K is engaged to a wonderful man Mr. S who is a sailor off in the Navy. These were a little gift for him for their wedding. Ladies- this is a perfect belated Valentine’s or birthday gift for your man! Check out these photos of Miss K and leave her some love :)

  1. Elissa said:
    Nice! I like her Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tattoo. :)
    February 16, 2011  4:22 pm

I met Miss Bliss while working at The University Star last semester. We had a few stories together, but we didn’t become friends till we had to start doing things for the volunteer organization within the Star. Jill loves Gilmore Girls, horseback riding, being fierce and most of all journalism. She is a highly dedicated reporter and I know she’ll be famous super journalist one day. Watch out world!

check out this girl’s dress: tell me it isn’t fabulous!

  1. Elissa said:
    I've decided that I love your style. It's so bold and colorful and contrasty and GOOD. :) Matches your personality. These shots rock the casbah.
    February 13, 2011  11:14 am
    • Caitlin McWeeney said:
      Thanks Elissa :)
      February 13, 2011  2:58 pm

Have you met my friend Tina?


She’s pretty bad-ass. This is her and her sister at Halloween.


(photos of Tina courtesy of her flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tinaphan)

Tina and I were founding members of Texas State’s NPPA organization last year. As visual journalists, we were frustrated that the university didn’t offer any help for us other than a fine art degree in photography or a few digital journalism classes taught by our favorite professor Dave Nolan. We suffered through bureaucracy, lack of student interest and crammed schedules to try and build an organization that would be able to run once we graduated. We became good friends working at The University Star last semester and I have to say… Tina is an amazing video/multimedia journalist. Her skills and amazing kindness have saved my butt on more than one occasion! Not to mention her amazing peanut butter bar making skills!

So over Christmas break I acquired a vintage Holga that belonged to my Mom. I asked Tina if she had any medium format (120) film that I could have for my new toy. She said she did, and that she could give it to me once we were back at school following the break. A “Merry 120 Christmas” we joked.

Today, I met up with her to pick up the film. Well to my complete surprise, Tina had ordered a little something extra for me for being an officer in NPPA.

An adorable metal camera and heart! A woman who knows what I like! :) I had been looking at camera necklaces on Etsy, and I am SO glad I did not pull the trigger on one! Here are a few snaps I got of the necklace today. Isn’t it so cute?!

So here’s to Tina. A wonderful friend, a GREAT baker and an amazing multimedia journalist! If you ever need an event videoed or some web design help, she is the woman you’re looking for. I am honored to have such a giving friend like Tina. :)

Do you have a good friend you can always count on? Share your story below!

  1. Elissa said:
    That necklace is damn adorable!
    January 27, 2011  6:13 pm
    • Caitlin McWeeney said:
      Thanks Elissa- I absolutely love it!
      January 27, 2011  6:16 pm